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About the My Story project

AJR’s My Story is a volunteer-led testimony project which produces individual life story books for AJR members: Jewish refugees from Nazi persecution and Holocaust survivors. These books differ from other testimonies because they are not only about what happened during the war, but also about what people have achieved since arriving in the UK.


The books are a celebration of our member’s lives and a wonderful way of passing their story on to future generations. My Story acknowledges their triumphs and gives hope to today’s survivors of genocide and conflict.


The entire process is an uplifting and life-affirming experience for both members and volunteers. Strong friendships are made, and volunteers often request another My Story project to work on once theirs is complete.


My Story has been running since 2017 and over 35 members have either had their book printed or their book is currently being created. The feedback from members and their families has been overwhelmingly positive.


The My Story books can be either read online as a pdf file, or downloaded as an ePub file. A set of the books is available to read in The Wiener Holocaust Library (London). Please contact us if you would like to acquire a collection of books for a library, museum or other educational institution.

Listen to Lead Coordinator Debra Barnes discussing My Story:

Watch a short video from our book designer:

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