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Alice Malcolm

Alice was born in Vienna, in August 1924. Her father died when she was very young and her mother worried about the future in Vienna. Her mother left for England on a domestic work visa, leaving Alice in the care of her grandmother. Eventually, Alice escaped on a stateless passport but was unable to join her mother; she was sent instead to school in London and soon after evacuated. Alice’s mother worked tirelessly to get her brother to safety after being imprisoned in Austria, which she managed to do. Alice moved nearer to her mother in Glasgow, and went on to study nursing. She met her husband and spent much of her time juggling motherhood, her career and charity work. (Unaided Emigration, Permit provided by Jewish Refugee Office, Evacuation from London, Domestic Service, Return visit to country of birth)

Alice Malcolm

One time, I was terrified being followed by a Nazi wearing an armband with a swastika. I was a very good runner, so I ran home, but I had to wait for the concierge to answer the front door and then had to get up two floors. The Nazi bided his time and then slipped in when someone else entered the building. He wanted me for no good reason.”

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