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Anita Grant

Anita was born in Berlin in 1928. She had a very happy childhood in a modern apartment with her doting parents. Anita had no siblings but was very close to her cousin Eva; the girls would go ice-skating and sledging together during the cold winters. Anita remembers being in Berlin on Kristallnacht and how her life changed for the worse in 1938. Her parents made the decision to leave their homeland and booked passage on a boat to Shanghai, but six weeks before war broke out they changed their mind and came instead to the UK on domestic permits.

Anita Grant

I want to tell future generations to make peace. People are being hounded out of their homes and having to go to other countries, as I did. There are refugees all over the world. It’s a very hard task – and, to be honest, I fear it may never, ever happen - but I still hope there will be peace in the world.

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