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Anna Russell

Anna was born in Milan, Italy in 1937. Her parents were immigrants, her mother from Bulgaria and her father from Turkey. The family spent the war in hiding in Italy, surviving thanks to the bravery of her parents and the kindness of others. After the war, Anna and her two sisters were exposed to the horrors of the Holocaust through the survivors who returned to Italy. When Anna was just 19 years old she arrived in England alone to study nursing, with the intention of moving on to Israel but she soon met Stan and they made their life together in London. (London Jewish Hospital, Bevis Marks Synagogue)

Anna Russell

Our landlords, for fear of reprisal because we were Jews, evicted us without notice. We were left homeless and from then on, my family ran from pillar to post, in hiding. We never felt safe in one place. I was always in my parents’ arms, running somewhere. The Germans were hunting down all people of the Jewish faith.

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