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Charlotte Lang

Charlotte was born in Vienna, Austria in February 1935. Following the Anschluss in 1938 her father was arrested and the family sent to live in the ghetto but they were fortunate to get sponsorship from an English farmer and be able to leave Austria together in May 1939. Many members of the extended family were not so fortunate and perished in the camps. Sadly, Charlotte's parents both suffered from ill-health so growing-up was a difficult time for her, and she herself suffered from anxiety as a young mother. Charlotte and David have been married for 57 happy years. (Early Pre-War Emigration to Britain, British Internment - Isle of Man, Agricultural Labourer, Kristallnacht)

Charlotte Lang

After the Anschluss the Nazis forcibly ejected us from our home. They took over the whole house and grounds and we were paid minimal compensation after the war. Another family was put in and a few years ago I discovered they’re still there. One day I shall go back and say: “Excuse me – this is my house!"

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