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Dina LeBoutillier

Born in 1929 in Vienna, Dina was only six when her mother died. It wasn’t until just before her father’s escape that she learned he was Jewish. Dina and her brother were left behind with their neighbour until a place on the Kindertransport was found. They were fostered in Sheffield where they were both abused. As her brother was older he moved out, leaving Dina to endure further torment and trauma. Eventually, after many years, her life turned a corner when she met her husband and built a happy family of her own.

Dina LeBoutillier

When my brother and I started to talk in German, we were stopped immediately and told we would be sent back to Austria if we didn’t speak in English. We tried to whisper instead, but that was also forbidden. Ralph got the buckle end of the belt and I got the other end. We soon lost all ability to speak in our mother tongue.

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