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Dr Kurt Simon

Kurt was born in Eisenstadt, Austria in 1933. After being forced to leave, his family moved to Vienna where Kurt witnessed the burning of Torah Scrolls from his apartment window on Kristallnacht. Three months after his older brother was sent to England on the Kindertransport, Kurt and his parents were able to join him on a work permit. Kurt’s qualified as a GP and then went on to specialise as an anaesthetist. When he moved with his wife and children to Israel, he served as medic in the Beirut and Lebanon wars. Kurt was appointed head of department in an Israeli hospital and later elected President of the Israeli Society of Anaesthesia. (Foster Family, B’nai B’rith, Cowper Street School - Leeds, City of Leeds High School, Roundhay High School, Leeds School of Medicine, VE Celebrations, Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue - Leeds, St James’s Hospital - Leeds, Preston Royal Infirmary, Rambam Hospital Haifa, Western Galilee Medical Centre)

Dr Kurt Simon

My most vivid memory is of the night of 9 November 1938, Kristallnacht. We had all stayed inside our apartment that evening. I learned later that the janitor of our building told my father not to go out that night because terrible things were going to happen.

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