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Dr Martin Kapel

Martin was born in 1930 in Leipzig, Germany. In 1938 he was arrested along with his mother and sister (his father had died of natural causes) and taken by train then foot to Poland. After eight months there, Martin and his sister were sent to Britain on the Kindertransport. Martin’s mother landed up in France but the effects of Nazi persecution meant that the family were not able to re-establish a close relationship and contact between mother and her children ended. Martin obtained a PhD in Chemistry and enjoyed a career in academia.

Dr Martin Kapel the early hours of the morning of 28 October, the Nazis came to our flat. We had been asleep and we all had to get up and get dressed immediately. We could take only what we could grab at that moment, just one or two items. The Nazis watched us very carefully to make sure that we did not take anything of value. My mother strapped my father’s watch to my wrist and I still have that watch today.

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