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Dr Peter Brunner

Peter was born in Cluj, Transylvania in September 1932. He remembers a very happy childhood spent at the family estate in Zsombor with his cousins, many of whom later died in Auschwitz. Peter spent most of the war with his family in Budapest. It wasn’t until 1944, when the Germans arrived, that him and his brother were sent to safety in a Swiss Red Cross house – by SS officers! After the war Peter suffered from Communist class restrictions but still managed to study medicine. He was eventually smuggled out of Hungary and came to England. (Budapest Ghetto, Given Swiss Consular Protection, Post WW2 Hungarian Refugee, Bergen Belsen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz)

Dr Peter Brunner

You could hear the noise of the fighting from all sides. I saw a big crater with a dead man in it. That made a huge impression on me as a child. I can still see it now, the images and the colours of the breaking dawn.

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