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Edith Whyatt

Edith was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1923. She was sheltered from antisemitism growing up. Her mother urged Edith’s father to make plans to escape to England, which he did, on Kristallnacht. She followed six months later with her mother. It was when they had moved to Nottingham for her father’s job that they were arrested and sent to Holloway Prison and were then interned on the Isle of Man. Edith felt compelled to do something useful and so made her way into nursing and later fulfilled her dream in midwifery. She settled in Leeds where she brought up her children and dedicated her life reaching out to those in need. (Early Pre-War Emigration to Britain, British Internment - Mainland Britain, Pioneer Corps, Kristallnacht)

Edith Whyatt

I was sheltered from most antisemitism while growing up. I thought being Jewish was something good, but as time went on, I started to wonder whether it was actually a bad thing.

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