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Eva Behar

Eva was born in Romania in January 1925. She spent happy years in Cluj, Transylvania while at a Jewish school and it was there that her love for opera was born. Later Eva was sent to Auschwitz and then to Belsen, which she managed to survive despite the horrific conditions and treatment, although she was gravely ill by the time the camps were liberated. She met her future husband Sammy at a camp in Germany for Displaced Persons after the war. They married in Germany in November 1946 but Eva had to wait until May 1947 to be allowed to come to live in England.

Eva Behar

Plain horror what people can do to each other, no one has learned to respect human life. Life is precious, the most precious thing God gave you and I mean this with all my heart. If people stopped hating, the world would be a better place.

You cannot go on hating, it’s impossible to live. That’s what I was doing from 1945 to 1949, I was hating and where did it get me? To a psychiatrist!

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Survivor's groupEva Behar
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"I'm an opera girl"Eva Behar
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