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Eva Lorimer

Eva was born in Wismar, Northern Germany in 1933. After the Nuremburg Laws were introduced in 1935, her parents were forced to divorce, as it was illegal for her Jewish mother to remain married to her Aryan father. Eva’s mother moved to live nearer her family in Hamburg and took Eva with her. On her sixth birthday, Eva embarked on her Kindertransport journey to England. Her mother had told her she would soon join her once she found a job but she never saw her again. She was fostered by a Vicar and his family in Worthing. Her father re-married and stayed in Germany. Eva became a teacher and settled in the Midlands with her family. (Displaced Persons Camp, Post WW2 Czech Refugee)

Eva Lorimer

Once on the train I stood by the window with the other children. I had my case in my hands and my knapsack on my back with my teddy bear’s head poking out at the top. Although I had known this trip was going to happen I don’t think I was fully able to believe it. I was in a state of shock and unable to shed a tear.

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