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Hana Newman

Born in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia in 1929, Hana lived a happy life with her parents and brother Franta until the war began. Her father was sent to Terezin in 1940, and the rest of the family followed in 1942. Hana describes the camp at Theresienstadt as ‘a world of culture among the horror’. From there Hana was sent to Auschwitz and another labour camp, enduring terrible hardship and appalling conditions. An incredible story of survival led Hana eventually back to Pilsen to begin to rebuild her life after the horror of the Holocaust. (Kurzbach)

Hana Newman

What happened to my family and me in the Holocaust is part of my life, always present, and I accept it. It’s sad, but when I think of my mother and father, I remember the nice times we had in Pilsen and then at the same time I remember how it all ended. That is always with me.

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