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Hanna Singer

Hanna was born in Erfurt, Germany in May 1935. She has some memory of Kristallnacht when her father was sent to Buchenwald. After his release the family managed to procure visas for England and arrived here in March 1939. Hanna’s father escaped internment and instead got a job as a door-to-door salesman – in Germany he had been a lawyer. Eventually life improved for her family and Hanna went to study at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, and won a travel award from the RSA which took her to America, where she had great adventures before returning to the UK to continue life as a textile designer. (Unaided Emigration)

Hanna Singer

My father was arrested on Kristallnacht, 9 November 1938. I was three years old. I can see myself standing at the end of my cot and the bedroom door being open onto the hall.

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