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Katinka Seiner Easton

Born in Budapest, Hungary in November 1931, Katinka Seiner-Easton and her parents managed to live through the war only to then suffer at the hands of the communists. Katinka, a talented singer, won a place at The Franz Liszt Academy of Music despite the objections of the ‘party members’ to her being part of the bourgeoisie. Eventually the oppression became too much and Katinka escaped to England, where she enjoyed a promising career, singing at the Wigmore Hall, Glyndebourne and for the BBC. But the scars of her past never allowed Katinka’s musical career to flourish to its full potential.

Katinka Seiner Easton

Out of the strong came forth sweetness. ( Judges 14:14)

I am doing this, setting down this memoir, to leave a legacy and to send a message. The message is that Hitler didn’t win and that evil doesn’t win.

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