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Manfred Goldberg BEM

Manfred was born in Kassel, Germany in 1930. Following Kristallnacht, his father was able to get to the UK but Manfred, his mother and younger brother, were not so lucky. They managed to survive in Kassel until 1941 after which followed an incredible odyssey lasting several years, and one which his brother would not survive. The Riga ghetto, Precu labour camp, Stutthof concentration camp, Stolp labour camp, Burggraben, and many other terrible experiences befell them. Eventually Manfred and his mother were liberated and after an extended period of convalescence, they arrived in the UK in September 1946. Manfred was awarded a BEM for services to Holocaust education. (Saved by a Righteous Among The Nations, Death march, Concentration Camp Survivor, Pioneer Corps, Kitchener Camp, Return visit to country of birth)

Manfred Goldberg BEM

‘I feel my revenge on the Nazis is the building of our lovely family...

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