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Margarete Stern

Margarete was born in Fürth in June, 1925. Her family were assimilated German Jews, celebrating Christmas as well as Chanukah. In 1933 the family moved to Nuremberg for her father’s work and that was where they first experienced antisemitism. After just a few months they realized it was time to leave and travelled to Maribor, Yugoslavia where they stayed until 1938 when they were forced out and came to England. Later Margarete had a number of interesting jobs including working for the Yugoslav Government-in-exile in London and the Yugoslav news agency. (Pre-War Emigration to Yugoslavia, Came With Parents or Close Family, Evacuation from London)

Margarete Stern mother looked out of the window and said “Jetzt verlassen wir deutschen Boden” - “We are now leaving German soil” and she burst into tears.

My son-in-law always told me to write a book about my life, but I said I didn’t know how to. When he saw me he would ask: “What chapter are we on today?

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