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Mary Green

Mary was born in Romania in 1940, just before everything changed due to the war. Her father worked in a labour camp while Mary and her mother went into hiding but eventually they were all deported to Transnistria, a Romanian and German-run concentration camp, where they lived and suffered for four years. After the war the family moved to the States but Mary eventually moved to England to marry Michael, after her first husband died tragically young. More tragedy befell Mary as she had a terrible car accident in her 30’s, the effects of which changed her life. (Post WW2 Czech Refugee, born in Czernowitz)

Mary Green

It was just after I was born that the war in Europe came to Romania and everything changed. Our whole world turned upside down. I think it must have been very hard for my parents to accept what was going on. Some of the family went into hiding straight away. Even then, my mother tried to cling on to her experience of Czernowitz. “This is Czernowitz,” she would say, “it will never happen here.”

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