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Monique Blake

Monique was born in France in 1939. When her parents were deported to Auschwitz, Monique lived hidden by a kind family in a small village. She was happy until the end of the war when an aunt came and took her away, beginning many years of being passed from aunt to aunt, between Paris, London and Rhodesia. The first aunt treated Monique well but the others were unkind and just doing their duty. Monique grew up with a sense of being unwanted and not belonging. Happily she met David in Rhodesia; they settled in London where they enjoyed many happy years together with their own loving family.

Monique Blake

I have a memory of one occasion, when I was alone at home and a plane flew very low over the house. I was terrified, opened a window and climbed out. I was sitting on the doorstep when the Bruchet’s came home. To this day the sound of low-flying aeroplanes scares me.

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