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Renate Beigel

Renate was born in Vienna in 1933. After the Nazis arrived in Austria in 1938, life became increasingly difficult for her family who frequently had to move for their own safety. Her parents decided they should all leave Vienna secretly for Zagreb, in Yugoslavia and soon after a place for Renate and her sister, Trudi, was secured on the Kindertransport. Two weeks later, her parents were deported. Only her father survived. Over the years Renate moved schools and host families many times and found the separation from her sister difficult. She married and built a successful career in public relations. (Personal Interaction with Hitler, Pre-War Emigration to Yugoslavia, Brought to UK by Austrian Self-Aid, With Foster Family, North African Internment, Return visit to country of birth)

Renate Beigel

In May 1939 my father took us to Trieste on the Italian-Yugoslav border to put us on the train to England. My mother was so beside herself at our parting that she didn’t come to see us off.

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