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Rudi Leavor

Rudi was born in May 1926, in Germany. As a young boy growing up in Berlin, he experienced a number of antisemitc incidents. He was at home when the Gestapo forced their way into his house and arrested his parents. They were later released and after much perseverance, managed to obtain British entry visas. He travelled to England on a German cruise liner alongside his parents and sister. He settled in Bradford, where he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a dentist. Rudi’s love of music stems from the teacher he had as a young boy in Berlin and it has played an important part throughout his life. (Domestic Service, Came With Parents or Close Family, Early Pre-War Emigration to Britain, Unaided Emigration, British army call up, Return visit to country of birth)

Rudi Leavor

One morning in 1936 the doorbell rang at our at our flat. The two men at the door said they were from the Gestapo and wanted to see my parents, they barged their way in and demanded to know which door led to their bedroom. I met them in the corridor and not knowing who they were I said good morning and offered my hand, which they shook. They entered the bedroom and told my parents to get dressed and be ready to join them in their car.

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