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  • Debra Barnes

National Library of Israel

Many months ago, in 2019 BC (Before Covid-19!) the National Library of Israel contacted us to request copies of our My Story books for their archives. Well, they have finally arrived!

Channa Lockshin Bob of the National Library of Israel said: "As part of the National Library of Israel's mission to collect and preserve the treasures of knowledge, heritage, and culture of the Jewish People, we are especially interested in books like the ones published by the My Story Project. These books contain unique stories and information that contribute to our understanding of the Jewish experience in the twentieth century. Aside from telling powerful personal narratives, the My Story books also preserve a trove of fascinating documents and photos that otherwise would be lost to history.

At the National Library of Israel these books will be catalogued and then made available to readers who come to us from all over the world. We are delighted that these well-researched and beautiful books will be part of our offerings to them, and are so grateful to you for making that possible.

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